Running… (PART 2)


Suddenly the calm night air was broken by the cry of a bloodhound. It seemed like the whole night stood still, I hear the quiver of the leaves, could practically taste the wind. Then I felt it, the quiver of the ground, as heavy boots stomped their way down the hill towards. The cry of the bloodhound was answered with the resounding cry of another, then another, and another still, till the whole air was rent with barks and cries and of search parties. Harsh light pierced through the comfortable darkness, casting long shadows across the woods, and mixing eerily with the trees. “we found her!” a man’s voice pierced through the woods.

“Enyo!” I screamed out.

She calmly directed her gaze towards me, despite the man who doubled her in size and had her pinned up against the wall of a dirty alley. I quickly assessed the situation. There were four men in total. One had Enyo, another was holding on to a young girl who was struggling but getting feebler by the moment. The other two goaded them lurking just out of the way. I didn’t need a second guess to know that Enyo was tired. Jedd grabbed me by the waist, just as I tried to rush forward.

“are you insane?” Jedd hissed angrily in my ear.

“but…help…” I spluttered incoherently, watching the scene unfolding before me helplessly.

The pieces weren’t hard to fit together; I saw the greed in the men’s eyes for a prize they coveted but was not rightly theirs. One of the men ran his hand roughly over the young girl. She wept bitterly, she had lost all strength to even fight. The man pushed her forward and she fell to her knees. In a quick attempt, she tried to crawl forward to me and Jedd but the man kicked her mercilessly. Perhaps it was the thud her head made on the concrete or the blood that she spat out onto it, but suddenly time stopped. I knew from the ethereal look around me that Enyo had created a time loop that enclosed the three of us. All the men were transfixed in their positions and the girl was still laying on the floor, motionless.

I glanced at Enyo, waiting for instructions. To my horror, I saw her age, horribly. Her skin suddenly became amassed with wrinkles, she was stooped over, to half her height.

“I’m tired,” she breathed raspy. “you came just in time.”

“how many times did you do stop time?” Jedd asked, awestruck.

She shook her head feebly. “too many times.”

She slumped down the wall. I could see her physically focus on keeping time still. “it’s up to you,” she whispered. She closed her eyes and remained still.

“Calypso, act fast!” Jedd roared from somewhere next to me. The world had suddenly gone black; I couldn’t see anything.  The city seemed to spin abruptly and thousands of colours, sights smells and sounds seemed to merge into a conglomerate of senses that I couldn’t distinguish. It took me a moment to realise that the sensation was familiar. Jedd was controlling me. Somewhere in the depths of my befuddled mind, I thought, there is no more gravity. I stumbled onto my own hands and knees and allowed the magnetic energy of the gravitational fields to connect with my core.

“Jedd!” I cried in fear, searching for her gravitational pull.

She didn’t answer but I could feel a field of strength besides me. It was particularly heavy for someone of Jedd’ s size, so I knew she was fighting. With all the strength, I could muster, I pulled at the gravitational fields around me and felt objects around shift in their pull towards the earth. Abruptly, I felt weightless. When I opened my eyes, I found myself still firmly on the ground; but the ground was floating in mid-air. I spun around to find Jedd, and found her rocking backwards and forwards, clutching her head in her hands.

“are you ok?’ I said grabbing her hands. I had to focus hard on keeping the thugs, the girl and Enyo connected to our slab of floating ground. I knew that the likelihood of us being seen by others was low, the time warp that Enyo had created was still somehow working coupled with the rip I had created in space when I manipulated gravity. I knew that as soon as the warp collapsed, Enyo would be dead. Judging by the clammy texture of Jedd’s hands, she would soon follow. Jedd looked at me with very hollow eyes. It seemed like all the nightmares she ever had, were haunting her at the very same time. She shook her head dazedly and simply said, ‘it’s over.’ Out of nowhere. Jedd was screaming and it took almost all my concentration to hold the warp in place. And all of a sudden, we were crashing towards our original position on the ground. The explosion that followed was cataclysmic. Bright white light emanated from where I was and the earth beneath me seemed to pull itself apart. I could feel concrete splitting apart beneath me and the cracks travelling miles away from what I could only call the epicenter. For a split second the world turned black again, and I knew that the time warp had been destroyed. Natural light reclaimed its rightful place. I looked up and balked at the damage. Every single person in the vicinity died tragically. The young girl lay lifeless, her eyes still open stared imploringly yet unseeingly at me. All four of the men were sprawled on the asphalt, their eyes lolled in their heads. A stream of blood trickled from somewhere or someone and pooled at my feet.

Suddenly, I felt sick. I crumpled to the ground, heaving as I tried to calm my stomach down. I just couldn’t process what I had seen and what I had done. It felt like I had been there an eternity, but presently, a few people begun to walk by, ogling curiously and pointing fingers. I wasn’t bothered to move until I heard the sirens.

Then I ran.

By the time the men and their dogs had reached the bottom of the hill, I was nearly submerged in the river. The icy water swirled around my shoulders, embracing me and soothing my aching bones. I knew that my time too was almost up.

“we’re not going to hurt you,” one man said, as he approached. He stood on the edge of the river bank, and held out an arm to me. I looked over at him, even in the half dark I could see his gun.

“we wanna help you.” He said, almost kindly. I stared at him, unblinkingly, trying to calculate his next move. He stared back at me, holding out his arm all the while. More men joined him on the river bank. Though they didn’t look evil, I knew that I couldn’t trust them. So, I ducked under the water.

The pressure of the water held me down, yet I was buoyant. Ironically, knowing that I too had reached my end, I had never felt more alive. I focused my energy and tried to concentrate on making an air bubble. I scrunched myself into a ball and pulled as much energy as I could muster from the water. Gradually, the water particles seemed to lose their motion and draw themselves near me. The energy of the water flowed into me and combined with my internal energy, creating ice crystals and freezing the river. The men were becoming frantic; I could hear it through the vibrations from their voices. They were disturbing my process; I couldn’t draw all the energy I needed.

I began to stretch myself out, releasing all the energy at once. A familiar white light scorched the air, illuminating the woods brighter than day. Ice shards flew in all directions, lodging themselves in trees, narrowly missing men. And I was floating, breaking all the laws of gravity.

I could hear the men shouting, trying to figure out the source of the light. But the higher I rose; the more sentient I was.

I was the source.


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