Every year, on the 21st of June, MTN Zambia closes its community outreach project, #YelloCare. It runs from the 1st of June and has a grand finale, this year’s was a career day, where the event is wrapped up and of course lives are changed.

This year’s #YelloCare opened up space for women in tech, and worked with amazing organisations like Bongo Hive and Asikana Network. Partnering with Lubuto Libraries, young mothers were given the chance to learn computer coding and of course #BrighterLives.

So Why Girls in Tech?

Under the theme #BrigtherLives, these young women went and broke so many barriers, that I’m not even sure they realized. Historically, computer programming and technology services, have been roles relegated to the nerdy man sitting in front of a computer with a five day old hungry lion packet next to him. But these ladies were so young and had brilliant ideas. They were dreaming up things I literally never thought about at their age. A recycling app? TAKE MY MONEY!


The thing is, as we go about life trying to find a way for ourselves, we often find that even though the spaces are opened up for us, young women are way to timid or just don’t know enough to take the charge they ought to be taking.

Initiatives like Asikana Network and #YelloCare are some of the few ways that young women’s brilliance can be felt in these spaces that are just waiting for them to be occupied. Ladies bring a special type of creativity to the table, but often we are either silenced or just too plain scared.

Focusing on tech, because that was this year’s theme, its important that ladies get to share their creativity and smarts with the world. If we’re going to make the world a better place, let’s get all hands on deck.


The world is becoming digital. Lets get with the program.

As the world is being steadily transformed with digital solutions for otherwise mundane problems, and its up to us to keep up with it. If young people, such as myself are not careful, we will be left behind in paving the world that we want to see.

Shout out to the youths, for making things happen. But lets not get complacent. It can be daunting, going out into the world with all these bright ideas that may be misunderstood, rejected or just plain discarded, but lets not end there. We have a whole world in front us, just waiting for the taking. Its time we got up and made our footprint.


The 21 days of #YelloCare have since ended, but I can assure you that minds are buzzing with all the possibilities that life holds for you. Its easy to believe that we have it the worst, but the truth is, where we are right now, could possibly the best we ever have it. Don’t get discouraged. pray hard and then work hard. Always give your best. and when you have, don’t forget to give a hand to the people that are next to you.

Keep your sights up and keep positive, because when we all care, everyone can have a #BrighterLife.





I tried to be a ray of sunshine
In your garden
Run my fingers
Over your stone walls
Caress you
With warmth and light
I tried to make your flowers grow
I tried to scorch
The weeds in your heart
Burn away the rubbish
And the debris
I tried to shine bright into your garden
But you wouldn’t let me.

You shut out the light
By building a wall so
That even my rays
Couldn’t climb
A glacier so strong
No one could break,
No one could touch.
Your garden is barren
Your field is fallow
Your wall is cold as ever

And me, the sunshine?
The sun traces a path in the sky
And where the darkness is too much for the light
The sun sets.

I miss you


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

When I miss you
I text you
More than is necessary
I am a thorn in your side.

I’m annoying!
I drown you like a tidal wave
Of hot sticky emotions
That leave an after taste in my own mouth.

My feelings are not distasteful
But perhaps they are not ideal.

When I miss you
I need for the world to stop moving.
And rotate in the emptiness of my heart
As I convince myself
You miss me
You need me
You still want me.

When I miss you
I am crippled by petty feelings
A lack of strength.

But truthfully
I just want to be near you.


I rub my hands across my eyes.



Twenty times.


Photo by Heather Zabriskie on Unsplash

I wash my face and stare off into the distance. I sigh. The air escapes my chest as a bubble that is as weary as I am. I look at my phone. 7 chats, all unread. I shrug. There were more chats yesterday. All asking for my attention, my love, my care, for me. I trade my soul for the wounds of other people, who forget that I too get tired. But you see, no amount of physical sleep can cure a tired soul. I have poured so much into other people that I am now an empty vessel.





Photo by Ahmed Rizkhaan on Unsplash



So I sleep the emotions away. I crawl into bed at 8 pm and I am out like a light. Sometimes the monsters visit me at 1 am, but these days they respect that I am too tired to even give them attention.


So I sleep. Like the world will stop momentarily. And let my heart and my soul catch up with my body.

I rub my hands across my eyes.




Twenty times.

This time a streak of tears glistens on my palm.



Tossed aside.
A casualty
Of the affections
Of a heart that was
Racing so fast,
It forgot to check
It’s rear mirrors
And inevitably

Discarded and disused,
Gone and forgotten.
A whisper in the memories
Of many nights long passed,
When stars would shine

For two unlucky lovers
Who thought they held time.

Downcast and disconsolate.
A girl who’s name you used to know,
A boy who’s heart you used to hold.

Lips that would part yours in kiss,
Are clamped together in a thin line.
Underscoring their disapproval of you.

Shuffling forward,
Away from the toxicity.

Your departure is as silent as a petal
Falling to the ground.


This Is Our Sanctuary

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-07 at 10.47.35

 Oh honey,
Who would have thought,
I’d pull down the walls.
And yes the debris still clings to my hair,
But we’ll comb out the kinks.
Worry not, oh darling my dear,
It gets cold sometimes,
But we’ll hold onto each other in the dark night.
And when the night is over and the frost
Still lingers,
We’ll welcome the morning
With a smile,
And cast the rays of the sun,
Across the world, across our hearts.

I have been to the end of my tether,
I lost hope in faith
And sight of a new life,
I couldn’t even count to ten,
So I made my home
In a nest of zeroes and ones,
A binary code for a heart that’s cold.
Who would have thought you’d crack it?

Sit down and take off your shoes.
Just be careful to shut the door behind you.
The wind is violent, and storm rages on,
But hush,
Put your arms around me
And believe in our sanctuary.



Do they have cake in heaven?

Because I think you deserve a party.

On earth they say you are late.

I say you missed your last birthday.

But did you have cake?

Did you stay the same age?

Or have you grown older?

Wiser in the light of God?

Do your eyes still crinkle

At the corners when you smile?

Is your smile permanent?

They told me it would be.

Do they have cake in heaven?

Because I think you deserve a party.

i carry your heart by e.e cummings

the carrier

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)
i fear
no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want
no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

Conversations With Myself

“Do you ever think about the end?” she asks quietly.

“that’s morbid.” His voice is barely above a whisper.

“I don’t mean death. I mean us. How do you think we’ll break up?” her voice breaks. Tears spill over and roll onto the pillow. She does not wipe them away.

“I don’t know” he says woodenly.

“But is it inevitable?” she pushes relentlessly.

“Yes.” His hand no longer holds hers. The sheets are a sea of distance. Their hearts do not know each other anymore.



image via Pinterest. Quote taken from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

You are beautiful and you are enough.
No, you still sound like you
Don’t believe that you are special
So I’ll say this again.
You are beautiful and you are enough.
Your beauty is not fleeting,
And neither is it “on the inside”
It shines through
Your eyes,
And leaves stardust
In others lives.

You are beautiful and you are enough.
Yes, you have been reduced
To a notch
On a bedpost
A slit on someone’s wrist
But you are beautiful and you are enough.

I know that people have convinced you that
Your broken smile
And dirty eyes,
Have no hold of desire,
That your awkwardly lumpy
Is not up to scratch,
I know that the rips and tears,
On the walls of your skull
The mental battles
You have fought,
Have pained your heart
But you are beautiful and you are enough.

You are beautiful and you are
I understand that,
You have been pushed aside,
But sometimes gutterflowers
Find strength in the shadows,
Sometimes the moonlight
Is the serenade of your heart,
You don’t need to be loud
Because, sweetheart,
You are beautiful and you are enough.